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About Project

Enjoy Life is a team of 20 enthusiasts and professionals who teamed up in 2014 to eliminate barriers between crypto community and the traditional economy.

In 2017, our efforts were embodied in the creation of an application for smartphones, which combines a payment system, discount programs and a trading platform.

Up to date, the Enjoy Life platform operates in 4 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland). Already now, more than 150 business partners have joined us, who have received a system in which each user can freely, securely and comfortably receive, store and send both cryptocurrency and fiat payments without third party converting services, payment systems, personal accounts and online stores.

The Bitcoin replenishment and conversion mechanism has already been implemented, and in December 2017 - users will be able to operate with Ethereum.

Enjoy Life contains ready CRM system that easily integrates into any trade's sphere. You can instantly track all transactions and orders related to partner companies. The component of CRM-system Enjoy Life is the application for business - Enjoy Cashier.

Factors of success

For business

  • One-time fee for registration and activation of the Enjoy Cashier account, without additional payments
  • Free creation of advertising campaigns and visualized business cards
  • 10% profit from any customer purchase
  • Access to the entire Enjoy Life client base
  • A franchise that allows to receive 12% of the funds from the discount given to the customer from each check

For user

  • Access to all discounts of business partners
  • Payment using QR code
  • Multicurrency wallet (cryptocurrency and fiat money) for all purchases
  • Cryptocurrency purchase and its exchange within the application
  • Additional income from purchases of invited friends

Сравнительная таблица конкурентов на рынке

Industry Discount for clients Transfer between users Funds placement in USD and others Cryptocurrency placement Convenient cryptocurrency conversion Possibility of an instant purchase in a business
Cryptocurrency exchanges
Loyalty programs
Cryptocurrency store service
Enjoy Life


Initiator, supervisors and managers of the project

Andrey Makarchev

CEO and founder of Enjoy Life project. Ideological inspirator and the leader of Enjoy Life. Innovator and strategist. For more than 7 years has managed various kinds of businesses and startups. Professional athlete, the father of two daughters.

Evgeny Balagura

15 years of experience in media advertising, building marketing strategies, staff. Management of multimedia national campaigns and media auditing (Beko, Dilmah, Henkel Group, KIA, KRKA, McDonald's, Nissan Motors / Infiniti brand, Nokian Tires & Vianor, UkrSibbank PR, Vision TV / Viasat, Vitmark, Wrigley).

Alexandr Buzaev

20 years of experience in the areas related to strategic management, consulting, trading. Budgeting and planning of the company's work, business solutions, optimization of business processes. СEO of the Foods Time Group, Chief Development Officer of HTO (German multidisciplinary holding).

Alexandr Ryzhikov

6 years of work experience in business building. 5 years of experience in marketing. Since 2015 works with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Development strategy and marketing

Natalya Shlyakhova

20 years of experience as a financial manager of companies of various forms of ownership and activities: trade, production, financial services, foreign trade activities. Specializations: Accounting and financial reporting - UA GAAP, IFRS, TP. Tax planning. Financial and management accounting.

Alexandr Bondar

10 years of experience in marketing. Media promotion, positioning, PR and advertising: from startups to international companies. Marketing and sales management in such companies and their subdivisions as: Poly-Pack, Kyivstar, "Your Logistics" (Tvoya Logistika), Borispol Customs Service, Zerkalo, MediaBulls.

Maxim Kupchenko

5 years of sales in the field of finance and interaction with business. 3 years professionally engaged in cryptocurrency.

Technical realization

Bogdan Krasnikov

9 years of work in the field of building a business. Since 2017 engaged in cryptocurrency market.

Vladimir Bukovsky

5 years of development of mobile applications for iOS devices.

Yuriy Pashko

5 years of back-end development, knowledge of frameworks: Laravel 5. *, Symfony, YII2.

Darya Sabinina

For more than 4 years, the designer for vocation, education, political and religious beliefs. During the career has successfully participated in the creation and promotion of more than 10 business events, formalized startups from scratch and managed the design department.

Vladislav Palamarchyuk

4 years of development of mobile applications for Android platforms.

Legal support - the company "Center of Legal Consulting"

Andrey Olefirenko

Managing partner. Lawyer

Work experience - 20 years. Judicial practice, consulting, liquidation and bankruptcy, corporate Practice, M & A.

Artur Nonko

Managing partner. Lawyer

Work experience - 20 years. Judicial practice, tax law, consulting, construction, financial market services, currency legislation, foreign trade activities, corporate practice.

Roman Kravchenko

Senior Associate. Lawyer

Work experience - 15 years. Judicial practice, consulting, liquidation and bankruptcy, corporate practice.

Yulia Padalka


Work experience - 8 years.
    ноябрь 2014
  • создание компании Enjoy Life
    февраль 2015
  • разработка концепции и начало
    июль 2016
  • формирование команды и разработка мобильного приложения
    май 2017
  • переговоры и подключение бизнес-партнеров к платформе
    ноябрь 2017
  • проведение Pre-ICO
    декабрь 2017
  • проведение ICO
    февраль 2018
  • вывод токена на биржу
    март 2018
  • внедрение токенов в систему оплат и переводов внутри системы
  • Регистрация финансовой компании с получением соответствующих лицензий
    >июль 2018
  • расширение функционала платформы, открытие Call-центра
    сентябрь 2018
  • интеграция с Visa/Master card и электронными деньгами, запуск торговой площадки
    декабрь 2018
  • внедрение системы оплаты для интернет магазинов, подключение API
    февраль 2019
  • дубликация системы на страны Европы и СНГ
    июнь 2019
  • интеграция системы оплаты в больших европейских сетях

Token ENJL

Enjoy Life will conduct 5 rounds of token emission, which will directly depend on the capitalization of the platform. Limited issue of tokens - 50 million pcs. with virtually unlimited number of platform users:

Enjoy Life limits its own issue of tokens to ensure growth in the cost (capitalization) of investments, regardless of the period of investment.


    Token price:
  • 0,5 USD
    Minimal investment:
  • 200 USD in equivalent
    The investor receives a 50% bonus
  • (an additional 0.5 token per each invested one)
    Total token amount:
  • 1 million pcs


    Token price:
  • 0,5 USD
    Minimal investment:
  • 50 USD in equivalent
    Early investors receive bonuses:
  • First 3 days - 20% bonus
  • Second 3 days - 15% bonus
  • Third 3 days - 10% bonus
  • Fourth 3 days - 5% bonus
    Total token amount:
  • 9 million
    Token distribution:
  • 2% of the sold tokens for the bounty program and 7% of the sold tokens for the project team. All unsold and undistributed tokens are burned.
Granting the franchise's right and dividing income with large investors into the Enjoy Life project:

All investors who purchase from 500,000 tokens during the ICO have an exclusive opportunity to choose any country.

The selected country will be assigned to the investor for one year. This will mean that 70% of all collected commission payments will be paid to the investor every 3 months as royalty within 12 months from the moment of granting the franchise right by transferring to the investor's ETH wallet.

If within 12 months the number of active users in a fixed territory is more than 0.03% of the total official number of citizens, the franchise will be extended for another 12 months and will be renewed in the future, subject to 30% annual growth up to 10% level. After that, the franchise is fixed indefinitely.